Changes in law – whether earnings in Poland will be public

Few companies in Poland decide to disclose the proposed salary in the job advertisement. Salaries are a taboo subject not only during recruitment processes. Employees do not talk about them, and employers oblige them to keep salaries secret. However, this may soon change.
There appeared a draft amending the Labour Code, which would introduce openness of salaries. Under the proposed changes, an employer would have to include in a job offer the exact gross amount of the base salary or the salary range for the position. If the amount given is negotiable, such information should also be included in the advertisement.
On the other hand, when stating the proposed minimum base salary amount, the employer could not set it lower than the statutory minimum wage.
Penalties for non-compliance
The bill also provides for penalties ranging from PLN 1,000 to PLN 30,000 for an employer who signs an employment contract
– with remuneration lower than specified in the published job advertisement
– with an employee who did not have an opportunity to learn about the projected basic salary in the job advertisement.
As indicated in the justification to the draft, wages in Poland are a taboo subject, unlike in many European Union countries. Requiring employers to disclose proposed salaries is intended to benefit both employees and employers.
Potential benefits for employees include:
– reducing the risk of wage discrimination;
– Improving the efficiency of the recruitment process, as employees knowing the salary ranges will be able to respond only to offers that are attractive to them and consciously choose their jobs and salaries.
Employers, on the other hand, will be better perceived by potential employees, thanks to giving amounts in advertisements. They will also save time, because their offers will be answered by those people for whom the salary range is appropriate and who will actually be interested in the offered work conditions.

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