HOME OFFICE – how to organize your work at home

In the face of the coronavirus, many companies have decided to work remotely. How to effectively organize your work at home?
Home Office can prove to be quite a challenge, especially for those people who so far have been used to working only in a stationary office. On the one hand, working from home is tempting, but on the other hand it may pose some difficulties. For example, how to separate private and professional life. If you add to this improper organization of duties, the likelihood of constant detachment from the computer and lack of regularity, remote work has a chance to turn out to be a real nightmare, which will result not only in irritation, but above all arrears.
Remote work requires discipline and good organization of work. That is why if you want to work more effectively in a home office, you should prepare your work space accordingly.
The most important thing is that the work area is separated from the rest of our home. It has to be a space where we can focus and perform necessary business duties. Make sure you have a proper desk, chair and good lighting. Prepare the office equipment that you will need to perform your daily tasks. Let’s also find a place for the documents needed for work. Keep all binders and materials that you use for work in a place where you can easily access them. Create a daily schedule and stick to set working hours.
It is important not to be distracted by household chores while working.
When working remotely, it is important to be self-disciplined and committed to your work. Do not combine work and home responsibilities.
When working remotely, remember not to switch to a 24-hour work mode. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you have to work nonstop. Keep a balance between work and personal life. After work, plan something enjoyable to relax and recharge your batteries for the next day’s work.
Working from home makes it difficult for us to be in direct contact with our co-workers, it is important to make sure that we are in contact with other team members, especially those who motivate, inspire and put us in a good mood. For this purpose, we can use video conferencing, chat or telephone. Conversations with co-workers will make us feel part of the team. In addition, the motivation to finish the task increases when we know that others also work and engage in the projects.
Remote work can be challenging for many people. It requires discipline and motivation, as well as the introduction of a few rules that make it easier to perform job duties effectively.

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